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About Luxe Oh `Dor Cashmere


Luxe Oh `Dor Cashmere was founded primarily to represent the modern aspect of sustainability and also to offer you a lucrative investment. Our cashmere fashion is derived from the undercoat of the Himalayan cashmere goats and, with proper care, is consistently timeless and beautiful over the decades. With our name, the precious pieces will increase in value over the years, so you will not only wear a decorative clothing textiles. It pays to keep them carefully and / or pass them on.


Luxe Oh `Dor is a homage to the firstborn son Theodore I. Authenticity and quality at the highest level are reflected in the luxurious cashmere collections. The feeling of fine cashmere on your skin is pure sensuality and offers you more than an extravagant wearing feeling. Our corporate philosophy is characterized by the traditional values ​​of exclusivity and longevity. Each and every one of Luxe Oh `Dor's unique pieces, especially the fine cashmere sweaters with the incredibly beautiful, sparkling crystal stones, which do not lose any value, are masterfully accentuated.


Our sweaters each have their own serial number, which you can use to confirm the originality of your cashmere sweater. You will still recognize one of our precious pieces in the quality of cashmere - he is very high quality entangled and incredibly soft to the touch. Our luxury labels in the color cognac with our embroidered in black label "Luxe Oh` Dor genuine label "and the clothing size are always located at the top hem in the back. Inside the sweater is our washing and care label, which is washable fixed. For each model you will receive a certificate with our distinctive Luxe Oh `Dor Cashmere Seal.

Tip: Collect our seals! From a certain number you receive your personal Luxe Oh `Dor Cashmere bonus!




CV N. Riebe

- senior high school diploma

- BEST-Sabel private fashion design school with graduation state certified fashion designer

- certificate "The Devil Wears Prada" fashion contest - under the best 10 designers in Germany


- 2016 / 01 / 01 founding of "Luxe Oh `Dor Cashmere"






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Every year at Christmas, we participate in the non-profit organization "Doctors Without Borders", which provides medical help in around 70 countries.




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